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Meet Sarah Desamours

Sarah Desamours
Originally from Montreal, Canada, Sarah Desamours has made Miami her home and excelled at building a global professional network here. Sarah is not only a realtor but an advisor who goes above and beyond for each client. A skilled communicator and negotiator, she has spent her career helping people from all around the world with their real estate purchases, sales, or luxury rentals in Miami.

Locally known and globally connected, Sarah quickly rose in her field by refusing to settle for the bare minimum. In 2016 she was named Rookie of the Year and in 2021, she landed a coveted spot in the Top 10% of real estate agents in Miami. Referred to as the “Rolls Royce of Realtors,” Sarah’s concierge approach to real estate combined with a multi-cultural background, tech- savvy smarts, and a skillful team, has earned her international recognition and a global clientele. She has been featured in such publications as the Miami Herald, Inman, The Real Deal, CBS Miami, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), Radio Canada, TVA (in Canada). Sarah is also well recognized as a keynote speaker and for leading panels at top rated real estate conferences such as Inman, The Real Deal Showcase & Forum, SocialCon, The Fast Agent Conference and Tom Ferry Summit.

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